Turing Machine

Download (Windows 95-Vista, 91 KB)

The Turing Machine is a formal mathematical model of the mechanical calculation of algorithms, which serves as the basic principle of digital computers.

The structure of a Turing Machine is simple. It consists of an (infinite) tape, on which signs are written by a movable read/write-head. The tape is used as memory and as input/output device. The behaviour of the machine is determined by a set of instructions that rely on an internal state and the sign on the tape at the actual position of the head. (A more detailed description is part of the help for the program.)

The program "Turing Machine" simulates a Turing Machine. It is programed by instructions that operate on the content of the tape. The simulation displays the changes on the tape in dependency of the appliable instructions. The machine works in single steps that are triggered by time or by the user.

The distribution contains in addition a detailed help and 21 examples of Turing Machines.