The following programs are written by myself and are distributed as freeware. Their usage is for free, but restricted to private and other non-profit purposes. Other usage, in particular commercial usage, is only allowed with the written permission of the author. All usage is on your own risk. The programs and all included files may be distributed only without fee and only unchanged and complete.

  Name V. Date OS Language Description Download KB
File Search 2.01 20.12.2009 Win XP/Vista/7
32/64bit, Unicode
En, De Simple, but powerful file search Download 217
Icon Builder 1.0 20.08.2007 Win 95-7 En Creates icons and cursors from bitmap and png images. Download 106
Turing 1.1 01.12.2002 Win 95-7 En, De Simulation of a Turing Machine Download 91
Crates 1.1 01.12.2002 Win 95-7 En, De Logic game with level editor Download 84
MCI 1.1 01.12.2002 Win 95-7 - Minimal media player Download 15
Mice 1.1 01.12.2002 Win 95-7 - Cursors for Windows Download 9