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Windomana requires Windows XP, Vista, or 7.
32bit and 64bit versions included.
Unicode character set is supported.
English and German versions included.
Adaptable to other languages.

Full version (ShareIt, € 20.00, incl. 19% VAT inside EU)
Test version (1.3 MB)
Manual (PDF, 275 KB)


Windomana is your control center for Windows. It integrates the access to applications, documents, windows, system information, and system control in a well structured and uniform interface. Windomana may be adjusted to individual needs and preferences in many ways.

While several functions of Windomana may be accessible by other means, the concepts of Windows are often not too user friendly. The quick start bar ist too small to hold the applications one uses often. The start menu is unstructured and overcrowed by entries one never needs. The desktop is covered by windows most of the time, filled with too many symbols, and changes their order from time to time. And the Vista innovation to search for applications by keyboard input at best reminds of early computer times. Instead, Windomana provides a start area where all applications and documents may be arranged well structured, either for direct start or as start menus. For exchangeable media, you may define own start menus.

Many Windows features like recently used documents, control panel, file explorer, special folders, and exiting windows can be reached quickly from the menu bar of Windomana. The list of recently used documents is sorted by last usage and contains a configurable number of documents.

With Windomana, you can change settings like position, size, display mode, and visibility for single and several windows, including hidden and owned windows.

Windomana displays actual system information like time and date, cpu usage, free memory, and drive space. The content of the clipboard may be viewed and saved. For desktop background, you may organize images in lists for automated changes.

Windomana integrates the following functions:

  • well structured start area to open applications and documents
  • opening files directly
  • list of recently used documents
  • quick access to control panel
  • quick access to special folders
  • file explorer
  • exiting Windows
  • switching between windows
  • changing window settings
  • arranging selected windows
  • quick access to exchangeable media
  • preview and saving of clipboard content
  • automated saving of screen snapshots
  • automated changing of desktop background
  • display of system information

Windomana has the following features:

  • several options to open files
  • drag'n'drop for configuration and to open files
  • several options to change the settings of single and several windows
  • access to hidden and owned windows
  • modern and classical window look
  • adjustable layout: icon size, menu size, menu alignment
  • configurable colors and font
  • configurable menu bar
  • selection of system information and format for display
  • many configuration options on how to change the desktop wallpaper
  • configurable number of recently used documents
  • window areas may be shown and hidden
  • hot key to activate Windomana